Pyrite Ring

$ 208 $ 288

A beautiful and unique protection piece!

Quality made ring, bezel set, soldered .. with 24k gold overlaid over a high quality jewelers brass. 

Defending stone, strengthens aura and repels negativity on physical, ethic and emotional level. Helps you see behind facades and understanding beneath words and actions. Symbolises warmth and presence of sun, promoting love, friendship and happiness. Promotes flawless health, intellect and emotional well-being. Said to help with repair / protection of DNA damage, bones and cells. More about pyrite. Disk shape: Strengthens your resolve. Helps you laugh at yourself. Frees you from thoughts of misfortune, misery and anguish. Said to help relieve back, joint and menstrual pain.

Protects from radiation.

One of a kind❤️

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